Phew, another tricky topic for fighting dirty laundry. Soiled t-shirts, trousers and blankets, beware, we know how to deal with you. Sit back and take the first piece of laundry. Of course you can read the labels before the laundry is dirty, reading will certainly be more pleasant. 

Laundry symbolism

Symbolika-pradla-neprat Let’s begin with the most difficult piece – don’t use our washing machines to wash laundry marked with this symbol. This is a fabric that is not suitable for washing in water, it could be damaged. Take it to a drycleaner’s.
Symbolika-pradla-rucni-praniSymbolika-pradla-teplomer For laundry that is marked with a hand in a tub select a program for hand washing in cold water – our washing machine has a symbol of a tub without temperature with a thermometer. This can be, for example, luxurious fabric lingerie. Our washing machines will wash this type of laundry with a special care, very gently, yet efficiently.
Symbolika-pradla-30 For laundry with this symbol, select a program with a similar symbol on our washing machines. It is a delicate laundry with a maximum temperature 30°C.
Symbolika-pradla-40 Use this particular symbol when washing colored laundry at temperatures up to 40°C. Often this is a cotton, polyester, mixed fibers, etc.. This laundry is not washable at higher temperatures – often there is print, embroidery, etc.. Those could be damaged by a higher temperature.
Symbolika-pradla-60b And here we have another program for colored laundry, but suitable to wash up to 60°C. Use it to wash delicates on a lower spin.
Symbolika-pradla-60a And here we have another symbol for standard colored laundry suitable un to 60°C. This laundry will be washed at maximum spin-drying. Laundry is often made of cotton, polyester, mixed fibers.
Symbolika-pradla-90 And the finished symbol which we have for standard colored laundry suitable un to 90°C. This laundry will be washed at maximum spin-drying.


You see, it is easy. Our washing machines speak the same language of symbolism as your laundry. And if you are still not sure there will be staff available to help during the initial period after opening laundry European-Laundry. Or you can always contact us.